Hi there! We’re Carin and Melissa, busy Realtors and moms looking for a way to make a little extra lunch money while also nourishing our creative appetites. While working together we bonded over our love of good food and Earl Grey tea. Carin loves to cook simple food utilizing fresh produce from her garden and eggs from her chickens. Melissa doesn’t mind spending hours in the kitchen as long as she has leftovers for lunch the next day. We want to share the food that we cook for the people that we love and the tricks we have to make things a little easier in the kitchen.

We both love living in L.A. with everything that it has to offer, especially the spectacular variety of delicious foods! We love to travel and always make sure to find the best places to eat wherever we go. We both plan our vacations around where we want to eat and will share our favorite spots with you all. We started this blog so we can travel more, eat more and have more adventures and quality time with our families. So like us and follow us because we need more lunch money!

If you would like us to help you find a house with a great kitchen to cook all of this yummy food in click one of the links below and give us a holler.

Carin Hoffman

Melissa van Bebber